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  • Giant Star Cushion Giant Star Cushion

    Pango Giant Star Cushion

    Introducing our bright new giant star, she has five arms all the better for super soft hugs! Our star is for both big and small kids and is just as cuddly as it looks!ASTM, CE & UKCA tested.

  • Giant Raindrop Cushion Giant Raindrop Cushion

    Pango Giant Raindrop Cushion

    Introducing our new giant cuddly raindrop! He is super soft so give him a hug and turn that frown upside down!Meet our moody raindrop. He may look a little sad but don't worry, with a bit of attention he will be right as rain! CE & UKCA tested.

  • Giant Rainbow Cushion Giant Rainbow Cushion

    Pango Giant Rainbow Cushion

    Introducing our new giant cuddly rainbow! She is super bright and soft!This cheeky chap comes out to play in the puddles and the rain! A lover of the limelight, she can't wait to make her next appearance. Being the pro she is, this entertainer makes sure her performances are grand but fleeting, always leaving the audience wanting more!CE & UKCA tested.

  • Giant Cloud Cushion Giant Cloud Cushion

    Pango Giant Cloud Cushion

    Introducing our new giant cuddly cloud! He is super soft and huggable!Meet our favourite smiley cloud! He is dreamy in nature, drifting through the sky at his own pace.CE & UKCA tested.


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