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Puzzles & Blocks

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  • Baby Blocks Baby Blocks

    Tender Leaf Baby Blocks

    This simple, four piece block is illustrated with warm bright colors and simple graphics. Challenge your toddler to create 4 different animal pictures using the tray to keep them safe.  A fantastic first toy for your toddler, as it helps to develop hand eye coordination, spatial thinking, and concentration.

  • Twisting Cubes Twisting Cubes

    Tender Leaf Twisting Cubes

    Match up the animal bodies with these delightful Twisting Cubes! This simple toy will keep your toddler entertained while they learn about four different animals.Aids manual dexterity and matching skills. Presented in a pretty open box.

  • Circus Twister Circus Twister

    Tender Leaf Circus Twister

    Twisting cubes to mix and match 4 different circus characters.

  • Ouch Puzzle

    Tender Leaf Ouch Puzzle

    12 pieces puzzle to learn about how we are made! What makes us hurt and what makes us better.

  • Patchwork Quilt Puzzle Patchwork Quilt Puzzle

    Tender Leaf Patchwork Quilt Puzzle

    Traditional patchwork quilt pieces and the infinite number of patterns that can be made from triangular pieces are explored here with 32 pieces in 4 different colors. The top bar shows our little boy and his 2 favorite toys asleep on one side and awake on the other!

  • Town Puzzle Town Puzzle

    Mentari Town Puzzle

    This town themed wooden puzzle comes with 17 removable illustrated pieces that can be matched up to their corresponding imagery.All pieces are made from sustainable plywood, and finished in a non-toxic paint.

  • Countryside Puzzle Countryside Puzzle

    Mentari Countryside Puzzle

    This wooden shape sorting puzzle contains 5 removable illustrated pieces, revealing what lies beneath the earth.All pieces are made from sustainable plywood, and finished in a non-toxic paint.

  • Vegetable Puzzle Vegetable Puzzle

    Mentari Vegetable Puzzle

    This wooden shape-sorting puzzle includes 5 removable illustrated vegetables.All pieces are made from sustainable plywood, and finished in a non-toxic paint.

  • House Puzzle House Puzzle

    Mentari House Puzzle

    This wooden puzzle is shaped like a house, and has 4 removable pieces to reveal what is inside the home. Practice shape recognition and image matching.All pieces are made from sustainable plywood, and finished in a non-toxic paint.

  • Garden Blocks Garden Blocks

    Tender Leaf Garden Blocks

    Grow your own garden with these fun garden shapes! All 24 pieces of our push and click blocks are illustrated with a nature theme.  Develops hand eye coordination, and balance during the stacking process. The garden graphics will also help to develop sorting skills.

  • Galaxy Magblocs Galaxy Magblocs

    Tender Leaf Galaxy Magblocs

    A set of 12 space themed magnetic blocks, made from solid rubber wood and concealed multi directional magnets ensuring there is always positive attraction and no repelling. Included in this set is a stylish and colorful drawstring bag to keep all the blocks safe.

  • Toy Colour Blocks Toy Colour Blocks

    Mentari Toy Colour Blocks

    4 brightly coloured wooden toy building cubes, with each of the 6 faces decorated in a brightly coloured pattern. Assemble the 4 blocks into a square formation to see the 6 different colourful shapes. Circle, square, star, heart, cross, pentagon. This toy will appeal to children demonstrating the positioning schema, balancing, sorting, and stacking toys in a particular order or place.

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