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  • Tenderleaf Refrigerator Tenderleaf Refrigerator

    Tender Leaf Tenderleaf Refrigerator

    Need somewhere to chill your ice-creams? A stand-alone white fridge-freezer makes a great addition to our La Fiamma Grand Kitchen. Our stylish fridge has a real wow factor with a unique functioning ice cube dispenser which drops ice cubes with the press of a button. Complete with 3 ice-cream cornets, 3 brown eggs on an egg stand, a bottle of milk, and two magnets.


  • Pet Pencil Holders Pet Pencil Holders

    Tender Leaf Pet Pencil Holders

    1 review

    A set of wooden pencil pots to use as organizers for your child creative or work space. Illustrated with a friendly Cat, Dog and Mouse faces. Great along side our Desk and Chair, and a lovely characteristic addition to the nursery.

  • Dolls House Kitchen Furniture Dolls House Kitchen Furniture

    Tender Leaf Dolls House Kitchen Furniture

    2 bar stools, island unit, oven unit, fridge, sink unit, kettle, Fish pot, coffee machine with cups, 2 plates, baguette on a chopping board, a tray of muffins.

  • Baby Doll High Chair Baby Doll High Chair

    Mentari Baby Doll High Chair

    This wooden pretend play doll high chair is scaled to fit your own baby dolls.All pieces are made from sustainable rubber wood and plywood, and finished in a non-toxic paint.

  • Dog & Cat Pet Set Dog & Cat Pet Set

    Mentari Dog & Cat Pet Set

    This wooden doll's house dog kennel comes with a red roof, a spotty dog, a grey cat, each with a feeding bowl, a bone and a fish. Scaled to fit our dolls and dolls houses.All pieces are made from sustainable rubber wood and plywood, and finished in a non-toxic paint.

  • Sunny Ice Lolly Stand Sunny Ice Lolly Stand

    Mentari Sunny Ice Lolly Stand

    This set includes a block stand and 4 different wooden ice lolly toys.All pieces are made from sustainable rubber wood and finished in a non-toxic paint.

  • Robot Construction Robot Construction

    Tender Leaf Robot Construction

    3 brightly colored and retro style robots made from solid rubber wood that all come apart so that they can be reconstructed in a variety of ways for creative play.

  • Memory Game Memory Game

    Mentari Memory Game

    This wooden matching memory game includes 16 pairs (32pcs) of illustrated familiar childhood objects.All pieces are made from sustainable rubber wood and plywood, and finished in a non-toxic paint.

  • Kitten On Wheels Kitten On Wheels

    Mentari Kitten On Wheels

    A wooden hand held toddler toy with 4 wheels.All pieces are made from sustainable rubber wood. All Colored with a water-stain paint.

  • Dolls House Sitting Room Furniture Dolls House Sitting Room Furniture

    Tender Leaf Dolls House Sitting Room Furniture

    Sofa with 3 printed cushions, coffee table, standard lamp, fireplace with logs, vase of flowers, television, armchair with a printed cushion, printed rug, bookcase with accessories and tea tray.

  • Dolls House Nursery Set Dolls House Nursery Set

    Tender Leaf Dolls House Nursery Set

    A traditional style cot with printed mattress, high chair with removable tray, baby bottle & bowl, baby dressed in a knitted outfit, pretty pram. All scaled for our dolls houses.

  • Fir Tree Tops Fir Tree Tops

    Tender Leaf Fir Tree Tops

    3 simple fir tree silhouettes colored in various greens and a cute little fox are offered as an accessory to our train sets or as an accessory for any playset.

  • Clever Cat Memory Game Clever Cat Memory Game

    Tender Leaf Clever Cat Memory Game

    A little memory game to play with friends! The Clever Cat Memory Game has 20 printed solid wood discs with 10 different animal faces for matching. A canvas drawstring bag is included for easy storage and transport.

  • Doll Family Doll Family

    Tender Leaf Doll Family

    Our Tender Leaf doll family includes mum, dad, little boy and little girl. The dolls are made of solid wood with flexible arms and legs to make any poses you want! They can be played on their own as well as the perfect companion to our dolls house range.

  • Dinosaurs Dinosaurs

    Tender Leaf Dinosaurs

    1 of each dinosaur in a display shelf. (Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, Parasaurolophus, Triceratops, Pterodactyl, Stegosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Brontosaurus)

  • Tea Tray Set Tea Tray Set

    Tender Leaf Tea Tray Set

    Anyone one for tea? Enjoy your afternoon tea with this elegantly painted wooden tray set. The set features a tray with handles, 2 cups and saucers & spoon, tea pot with lid, milk jug, 2 yummy biscuits and 2 assorted tea bag. Tea time is the perfect excuse for conversation, story telling and creative play!

  • The Leaf Family The Leaf Family

    Tender Leaf The Leaf Family

    Meet the Tender Leaf family! Mommy, Daddy, little boy and little girl, who are perfectly sized to live in any of our dolls houses…..They are made from solid wood and make the perfect addition to our Bluebird Villa. Presented in a pretty window box.

  • What's Up? What's Up?

    Tender Leaf What's Up?

    This set includes a wooden face shaped base, 2 hair buns and 28 magnetic facial parts to convey lots of emotions, from happy to sad, sleepy to excited! Encourages Social and emotional play.

  • Wooden Eggs Wooden Eggs

    Tender Leaf Wooden Eggs

    6 cute little solid wood eggs in an authentic egg carton.

  • Stacking Farmyard Stacking Farmyard

    Tender Leaf Stacking Farmyard

    How many animals can you stack? 10 popular farmyard animals, a wheelbarrow, and a hay bale, all contained in a Barn style drawstring bag.

  • Supermarket Grocery Set Supermarket Grocery Set

    Tender Leaf Supermarket Grocery Set

    A set of Tender Leaf branded grocery products. Each item has a beautifully printed label illustrated with fun food. Set includes: Ice cream tub, popcorn, cat food, tin of peaches, tomato sauce, olive oil, string bag containing three lemons, bag of crisps with crinkle paper inside, bag of frozen peas containing hard round balls, a tin of sardines, a box of rice, pack of spaghetti, a box of crackers and half a pound of cheese.

  • Sweet Swan Dolly Bed Sweet Swan Dolly Bed

    Tender Leaf Sweet Swan Dolly Bed

    Rock your baby doll to sleep in this sweet little cot-style dolly bed. Painted in white with cutout features and natural wood rockers, this little bed is suitable for baby dolls or teddy bears. Comes complete with a blush coloured mattress, muslin coverlet and pillow, finished with a luxurious frill. To extend playtime we have included a wooden baby bottle, baby cup and muslin bib. Self assembly is required Age range: 18 Months And OlderProduct size: 37.70 x 21.50 x 20.00 cmWeight: 1.13 kg  

  • Tortoise Pet Set Tortoise Pet Set

    Tender Leaf Tortoise Pet Set

    A perfect wooden doll's house accessory, the Tortoise and it's baby, complete in their cosy home. Ready and waiting to move in to your imaginative play doll's world. Included in this set are a water bowl, two leaves, a slice of apple and a strawberry. Scaled for our Tenderleaf dolls houses, and part of our pet set range. Suitable for all the wooden dolls houses, as scaled to 1:12 Check out more from our Doll's accessory range in the Tender Leaf range! Presented in a pretty color box. Tortoise Love Letter Send someone you love this special tortoise card! All you need to do is click on the link and download the picture to your home printer!

  • Ride On Puppy Ride On Puppy

    Mentari Ride On Puppy

    A sturdy wooden ride on dog toy with fabric ears, that can be rolled along on 4 wheels.All pieces are made from sustainable rubber wood and plywood, and finished in a non-toxic paint.


  • My First Train Set My First Train Set

    Mentari My First Train Set

    A small starter wooden train set with track and accessories.All pieces are made from sustainable rubber wood and plywood, and finished in a non-toxic paint.

  • Ring Ring Telephone Ring Ring Telephone

    Mentari Ring Ring Telephone

    This old fashioned wooden telephone toy has a removable receiver attached with a cord, and a finger dial that goes round, with an illustrated face. All pieces are made from sustainable rubber wood and plywood, and finished in a non-toxic paint.

  • Puppy On Wheels Puppy On Wheels

    Mentari Puppy On Wheels

    Take him on a walk!This pull-along wooden toy comes with a cord for pulling, red wheels, and rotating ears.All pieces are made from sustainable rubber wood. All colored with a water-stain paint.

  • Rocket Construction Rocket Construction

    Tender Leaf Rocket Construction

    Let your little engineer build their own rocket with our Rocket Construction set! Set includes 18 pieces to build three rockets. Match up the parts and count down to launch!Made from sustainable rubber wood, colored with soft non-toxic colors for a contemporary style. Presented in a pretty window box.

  • Pond Dipping Pond Dipping

    Tender Leaf Pond Dipping

    Let's go fishing! The set includes a fully stocked pond, an extendable fishing rod with a magnetic end and 8 magnetized pond animals. The length of the rod can be adjusted to fit different playing levels. Children can learn about ecosystems and develop their fine motor skills.

  • Mrs. Goodwood and the Baby Mrs. Goodwood and the Baby

    Tender Leaf Mrs. Goodwood and the Baby

    Say hello to Mrs. Goodwood who is busy caring for her brand new baby. Made from solid wood with beautiful quality knitted and jersey fabrics.

  • Rainbow Birthday Cake Rainbow Birthday Cake

    Tender Leaf Rainbow Birthday Cake

    A wooden rainbow birthday cake topped with 6 brightly colored candles. Each cake slice is held together with velcro. Cut open the cake with the cake slice to reveal the colorful interior.

  • Pots and Pans Pots and Pans

    Tender Leaf Pots and Pans

    Prepare dinner for your friends! A retro-style casserole pot, a frying pan, a baking dish, 2 wooden cooking utensils and a handy pair of tongs. Stir the tomato and the vegetable, fry the egg with the 3 chips and pop it all in the oven dish to keep warm.

  • Pizza Party Pizza Party

    Tender Leaf Pizza Party

    Everyone loves pizza! Now you can create your own and get delivery in our very own Tender Leaf illustrated pizza box. Pre-cut into 6 slices and arranged on a pizza tray, have fun arranging 12 different toppings. All the toppings are inter-changeable and held in place by a small velcro spot.

  • Space Race Space Race

    Tender Leaf Space Race

    Part of our Rocket Construction (TL8335) range, these futuristic space vehicles are made from three parts each so that they can be deconstructed and rebuilt into whacky racers. Several small parts are attached with small plastic clips and these can be used to coordinate with the robots and the rocket construction sets.

  • Mountain View Train Set Mountain View Train Set

    Tender Leaf Mountain View Train Set

    A truly magnificent modern take on the traditional train set. 58 pieces of track to create your very own layout every time, explore Industrial, Town and Holiday landscapes. Industrial area - 1 lifting road bridge, 3 chimney stacks with felt smoke, train shed, 7 factory buildings, container ship with 5 magnetized blocks, crane with lifting mechanism, train with 2 carriages to hold 2 more containers. Town - 10 contemporary city buildings, car ferry with yellow car, fuel lorry, container lorry, crane vehicle, long engine with 3 carriages for coal, logs and cement. Holiday - 5 elevating mountain passes, mountain bridge, waterfall area, cattle grid, wind turbines, small sailboat, red car and caravan, 3 tents, 3 fir trees, tender leaf pacific passenger train with 2 carriages, and a shy looking grizzly bear!


  • Space Station Space Station

    Tender Leaf Space Station

    An intergalactic mission, all on one space station platform. An illustrated plywood board with lots of space rocket dashboard activities. A rotating wheel can be turned at the side to reveal an ever-changing illustrated space scene, as if looking through the window into the void of space. A magnetic strip offers a view of our universe upon which to place the planets. A fuel tank to show the levels, a booster lever to move up and down, knobs to turn, squishy buttons to press, a radar panel to locate the UFOs. Rotate a spherical moon and move satellite around earth, speak into the microphone and prepare for lift-off with a 3 part movable rocket!


  • Secret Meadow Shepherd's Hut Secret Meadow Shepherd's Hut

    Tender Leaf Secret Meadow Shepherd's Hut

    A wonderful addition to our Merrywood Tales collection. This shepherd's hut is the perfect glamping staycation for our new family of mice. They have borrowed some human-sized trinkets to use as essential furniture in their hut. A teacup makes a perfect shower for a little mouse. Spools of old thread make for chairs to sit on, a tin of sardines creates the comfort of a baby cot and tucks neatly underneath a simple bed inside. A pimento tin doubles up as a small wood-burning stove. A safety pin becomes a towel rack and an old watch provides the time of day. Little stairs can be clipped to the front door to help them with the step-down. All can be accessed by removing the roof, or through the little doors at the front.


  • Polar Animals - Polar Bear

    Tender Leaf Polar Animals - Polar Bear

    A gorgeous little wooden polar bear toy made from solid rubber wood, and painted in a soft water color stain. Hand finished.

  • Polar Animals - Owl

    Tender Leaf Polar Animals - Owl

    A gorgeous little wooden owl toy made from solid rubber wood, and painted in a soft water color stain. Hand finished.

  • Polar Animals - Elk

    Tender Leaf Polar Animals - Elk

    A gorgeous little wooden elk toy made from solid rubber wood, and painted in a soft water color stain. Hand finished.

  • Lost World Dinosaur Railway Set Lost World Dinosaur Railway Set

    Mentari Lost World Dinosaur Railway Set

    A wooden dinosaur - themed wooden train set with lots of track and accessories.All pieces are made from sustainable rubber wood and plywood, and finished in a non-toxic paint.


  • Dotty Kettle Dotty Kettle

    Mentari Dotty Kettle

    This is a wooden kettle toy with a handle for pouring and a removable lid.All pieces are made from sustainable rubber wood and plywood, and finished in a non-toxic paint.

  • Early Bird Pop Up Early Bird Pop Up

    Mentari Early Bird Pop Up

    This wooden pop-up game comes with 4 rounded pegs that resemble garden worms. Illustrated with the early bird. Push the pegs down and watch them fly up.All pieces are made from sustainable rubber wood. All Colored with a water-stain paint.

  • Dovetail House Dovetail House

    Tender Leaf Dovetail House

    Large, spacious and ultra-stylish, Dovetail House has 6 rooms ready to be filled with our Dovetail furniture sets. Beautiful printed plywood floors and gender neutral colors make this an exceptional dolls house. Self-assembly required.


  • Edward and His Skateboard Edward and His Skateboard

    Tender Leaf Edward and His Skateboard

    Say hello to Edward who is playing with his skateboard! Made from solid wood with beautiful quality knitted and jersey fabrics.

  • Forest Table Forest Table

    Tender Leaf Forest Table

    A stylish plywood table with a hidden compartment for crayons etc. Under a chalkboard central panel.


  • Forest Fox Chair Forest Fox Chair

    Tender Leaf Forest Fox Chair

    A stylish fox chair made from top quality plywood.

  • Kitchenette Kitchenette

    Tender Leaf Kitchenette

    Cooking on the go! A portable fold away kitchenette with hob and clacking dial, and a pretty clock with moving hands helps teach how to tell the time. Included are 2 wooden utensils, a potholder, a pan to flip a pancake, strawberry and lemon slices, a mint leaf as well as a honey and a chocolate pot. Wash it all up in the waterproof sink, with wooden tap and pack it all away!

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