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Play Food

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  • Ice Cream Cart Ice Cream Cart

    Tender Leaf Ice Cream Cart

    Everyone loves Ice cream! Come to the Ice Cream Cart where the popsicles, lollies and ice cream cones are ready to be served! There is a clever ice cream scoop that magically picks up the scoop and tops the cone ready for some yummy treats. Encourage creative role play and help develop social skills.Made from sustainable rubber wood and responsibly sourced plywood, colored with soft non-toxic colors for a contemporary style.

  • Ice Lolly Shop Ice Lolly Shop

    Tender Leaf Ice Lolly Shop

    6 delicious lollies painted in yummy colors, made from solid wood and all with removable sticks! Each lolly has a different message printed on the inside and each stick is interchangeable. Made from sustainable rubber wood painted in matte and gloss non toxic contemporary colors.

  • Sunny Gelato Stand Sunny Gelato Stand

    Mentari Sunny Gelato Stand

    This set includes a block stand and 4 different wooden ice-cream toys.All pieces are made from sustainable rubber wood and finished in a non-toxic paint.

  • Sunny Ice Lolly Stand Sunny Ice Lolly Stand

    Mentari Sunny Ice Lolly Stand

    This set includes a block stand and 4 different wooden ice lolly toys.All pieces are made from sustainable rubber wood and finished in a non-toxic paint.

  • Chocolate Bonbons Chocolate Bonbons

    Tender Leaf Chocolate Bonbons

    8 different flavored chocolate bonbons on a natural wood cake stand.

  • Birdie Afternoon Tea Stand Birdie Afternoon Tea Stand

    Tender Leaf Birdie Afternoon Tea Stand

    Which mouthwatering delicacy will you choose? A ham or cucumber sandwich, a lemon meringue pie, a chocolate roll, a slice of Victoria sponge, an apple fancy, or 2 cupcakes?

  • Cupcake Stand Cupcake Stand

    Mentari Cupcake Stand

    Perfect for tea parties.This wooden tea party stand includes a two-tier cake stand and 7 tea party fancies.All pieces are made from sustainable rubber wood and finished in a non-toxic paint.

  • Rainbow Birthday Cake Rainbow Birthday Cake

    Tender Leaf Rainbow Birthday Cake

    A wooden rainbow birthday cake topped with 6 brightly colored candles. Each cake slice is held together with velcro. Cut open the cake with the cake slice to reveal the colorful interior.

  • Chocolate Birthday Cake Chocolate Birthday Cake

    Tender Leaf Chocolate Birthday Cake

    A solid wood chocolate birthday cake. Topped with 6 candles and a happy birthday plaque, this cake is held together on a natural wood plate.

  • Party Cake Party Cake

    Mentari Party Cake

    This wooden cake toy set includes a 6-piece, sliceable cake with velcro, 6 pretend candles, a tray and a toy cake slicerAll pieces are made from sustainable rubber wood and plywood, and finished in a non-toxic paint.

  • Scoops & Smiles Scoops & Smiles

    Tender Leaf Scoops & Smiles

    Five deliciously, and very friendly solid wood ice cream cornets adorn this pretty little shop. Choose your flavor and have fun matching the characters to their names.

  • Animal Macarons Animal Macarons

    Tender Leaf Animal Macarons

    5 beautifully colored macarons to resemble a chick, bunny, bear, piglet, and fox. Each macaron has a separately colored filling like real macarons.

  • Pizza Party Pizza Party

    Tender Leaf Pizza Party

    Everyone loves pizza! Now you can create your own and get delivery in our very own Tender Leaf illustrated pizza box. Pre-cut into 6 slices and arranged on a pizza tray, have fun arranging 12 different toppings. All the toppings are inter-changeable and held in place by a small velcro spot.

  • Wooden Eggs Wooden Eggs

    Tender Leaf Wooden Eggs

    6 cute little solid wood eggs in an authentic egg carton.

  • Fish and Chips Supper Fish and Chips Supper

    Tender Leaf Fish and Chips Supper

    A traditional seaside supper. Fish and chips, and mushy peas! A plate illustrated with a crab, a fork, tactile mushy peas in a cup, all wrapped up in the Daily Fish newspaper!

  • Take-out Burger Set Take-out Burger Set

    Mentari Take-out Burger Set

    This wooden play food burger set is made of different parts to constructing your own burger sandwich, comes complete with a pretend burger, cheese slice, tomato, onion ring, and lettuce. 5 separate chips in a wooden holder. Tomato and mustard sauce bottles.All pieces are made from sustainable rubber wood and finished in a non-toxic paint.

  • Take-out Pizza Take-out Pizza

    Mentari Take-out Pizza

    A sliceable 6-portion wooden pizza toy attached together with velcro. There is a rotary pizza slice and 6 different toppings to attach to the pizza with velcro spots.All pieces are made from sustainable rubber wood and plywood and finished in a non-toxic paint.

  • Mini Chef Chopping Board Mini Chef Chopping Board

    Tender Leaf Mini Chef Chopping Board

    Mini chef chopping board. Wooden knife, carrot in 3 parts, beet in half, tomato in half, onion in 4 parts, scallion in 3 parts. Chop chop chop!

  • Cheese Chopping Board Cheese Chopping Board

    Tender Leaf Cheese Chopping Board

    A pretend play mouse-shaped wooden cheeseboard with lots of character! A great little pretend food chopping set, ready to add to any of our kitchen set ups. Comes complete with a mousey cheese knife, a baguette in 3 parts, an Edam cheese in 3 parts, a Gruyere, a Rouleaux, and a blue cheese in 2 parts. Attached with velcro for easy cutting. A handy netting bag for tidying away is included, we love a toy that can be packed away neatly after play time! This cheese board set supports essential cognitive development, improving fine motor skills, and creativity with little ones. teaching them in a fun and interactive manner about real life scenarios and social interactions. Presented in a pretty illustrated color box.

  • Tropical Fruit Chopping Board Tropical Fruit Chopping Board

    Tender Leaf Tropical Fruit Chopping Board

    An exotic wooden cutting board with lots of fruity play food to chop up. This set is a great addition to any of your home kitchen play set ups. This toy comes with a little blue knife, a pineapple in 3 parts, a watermelon, a coconut, a banana, a passionfruit and a dragon fruit in 2 parts. All attached with velcro for easy cutting.  Check out other play food toys in the range that go perfectly with this fruity chopping board! Children love to pretend play and this adorable play set will keep them busy for hours. They can cut up all the fruit, talk through all the delicious tropical names, and serve up a fruit salad. Great along side our Fruity Blender, why not make a yummy smoothie!  Presented in a pretty illustrated color box.

  • Smiley Fruit Chopping Board

    Mentari Smiley Fruit Chopping Board

    This wooden shopping board toy includes a smiley face chopping board, a pretend play knife, wooden play food; a 2-part apple, 2-part banana, 2-part orange, all attached with velcro.All pieces are made from sustainable rubber wood and plywood and finished in a non-toxic paint.

  • Smiley Charcuterie Chopping Board Smiley Charcuterie Chopping Board

    Mentari Smiley Charcuterie Chopping Board

    This wooden shopping board toy includes a chopping board with a smiley face, a pretend knife, wooden play food; a 2-part cheese, a 3-part salami and a 3-part baguette, all attached with velcroAll pieces are made from sustainable rubber wood and plywood and finished in a non-toxic paint.

  • Cookie Cutting Set Cookie Cutting Set

    Mentari Cookie Cutting Set

    Practice baking at home!This wooden cookie cutter toy comes with a tray with shape-sorting cut outs, 4 illustrated pretend cookies, a toy rolling pin, and a pretend icing bag.All pieces are made from sustainable rubber wood and plywood, with some fabric, and all finished in a non-toxic paint.

  • Party Time Lunch Set Party Time Lunch Set

    Mentari Party Time Lunch Set

    Invite your friends round for a party and present them with this amazing colourful table setting for pretend playtime. Decorated in bright modern colours, set includes 2 plates, 2 bowls, 2 serviettes and rings, 2 cups and straws, 2 ice cream scoops, 2 jam tarts, and 2 sets of cutlery. We have even included some flowers in a vase.

  • Teatime Biscuit Plate Teatime Biscuit Plate

    Mentari Teatime Biscuit Plate

    Based on traditional English afternoon tea time, this fun play food set includes a ginger bread bear, a pink wafer, a chocolate biscuit, a cookie, a jammy heart biscuit, an iced biscuit and an orange filled biscuit, presented on a plywood plate.

  • Teatime Cupcake Set Teatime Cupcake Set

    Mentari Teatime Cupcake Set

    A wooden play food set that includes 4 colourful decorated cupcakes.

  • Barbecue Play Set Barbecue Play Set

    Tender Leaf Barbecue Play Set

    A self-standing wooden barbeque toy with removable grill, with lots of fun accessories including: 3 glowing coals, rotisserie 5-part chicken, 2 sausages and prong, wooden skewer with 5 vegetable pieces to thread on, 2 prawns, fish, lemon slice, BBQ sauce and mustard pots, tongs and pretend knife. Perfect for pretend play and easy to pack away under the grill after play.


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