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Play Kitchen

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  • La Fiamma Grand Kitchen La Fiamma Grand Kitchen

    Tender Leaf La Fiamma Grand Kitchen

    Cook up a storm in our magnificent La Fiamma Kitchen! A two-part kitchen - sink and cooker with back board, and a storage unit with pizza oven. Unit includes oven and grill with 4 clacking buttons, and double door storage unit under the sink. Complete with lots of accessories including a pizza oven with 5 wooden logs, pizza plate, two pizza bases, two felt toppings, egg, onion, cheese, mushroom, pineapple, pepperoni, tomato, parmesan and grater, frying pan, two wooden utensils in a pot, white bowl with 3 segmented lemons, 3 carrots in a planter, traditional Italian coffee pot, two cups, two decorated plates, 3 magnetic knives, salt and pepper grinders, muslin pot holder.


  • Tenderleaf Refrigerator Tenderleaf Refrigerator

    Tender Leaf Tenderleaf Refrigerator

    Need somewhere to chill your ice-creams? A stand-alone white fridge-freezer makes a great addition to our La Fiamma Grand Kitchen. Our stylish fridge has a real wow factor with a unique functioning ice cube dispenser which drops ice cubes with the press of a button. Complete with 3 ice-cream cornets, 3 brown eggs on an egg stand, a bottle of milk, and two magnets.


  • Kitchen Range Kitchen Range

    Tender Leaf Kitchen Range

    With an oven and integral microwave and plate rack, this kitchen range is made extra special with a multitude of original accessories. 2 wicker baskets provide lots of storage space for other pretend play food within the mini chef range, 2 wooden storage jars, 3 racks of herbs, 3 pretty plates, a printed gingham potholder, a printed mini chef tea towel, and 3 cooking utensils. Pretend play food here is a delightful 2 part fish with garnishes in an oval fish pan. Lastly but not least, don’t forget to wash your hands at the sink with a handy soap dispenser!


  • Home Kitchen Home Kitchen

    Tender Leaf Home Kitchen

    A stylish and contemporary looking kitchen with an oven, 2 hobs, a butler’s sink with double taps, and an integral cupboard with doors. Included in this set are a solid wood white kettle, 2 cups and saucers, 3 utensils and utensil holder, a printed gingham tea towel, a soap, a slicing baguette, and an oven tray that can also be used to cover the sink area and provide an extra work surface for pretend play.


  • Kid's Kitchen Kid's Kitchen

    Mentari Kid's Kitchen

    Invite your friends for dinner!This wooden play kitchen has a toy hob unit with 2 hot rings, an oven door to reveal oven space with shelf, the second opening door reveals space under the sink, a top shelf and 3 pegs and a sink complete the look. Included is a teapot, two cups, a pretend casserole pot with a lid, two wooden spoons and a fabric tea-towelAll pieces are made from sustainable rubber wood and plywood, with some fabric, and all finished in a non-toxic paint.


  • Bird's Nest Café Bird's Nest Café

    Tender Leaf Bird's Nest Café

    1 review

    Bird’s Nest Café is a complete one-stop pretend play Coffee Shop with lots of accessories offering all-round creative play for 2 or more children. Encouraging language skills and manual dexterity, children can make a pretend Cappuccino with various toppings, brew them a cup of tea, toast a panini, or serve their customers a variety of sandwiches and pastries.  Children can pretend to act out a variety of roles, such as entrepreneurs, barista or customer, exploring social interaction and manners, while organizing the Café into a working Coffee Shop. We have included 40 accessories in order to make this a deluxe toy allowing for unlimited creative storytelling. Sustainably and ethically made from beautifully colored solid rubber wood and top quality plywood, this is truly an heirloom toy. Panini Toaster 5 different colored pods 2 clacking dials Milk jug & steamer spout 2 cups, 2 plates, 1 potholder Knife, fork, spoon Sugar cubes and chocolate shaker 2 coffee discs & 3 different toppings 3 flavored tea bags in fabric packs 1 sandwich, 2 paninis, 3 pastries, & 2 cupcakes Spielwarenmesse ToyAward, PreSchool (3-6 years), Nominated


  • Kitchenette Kitchenette

    Tender Leaf Kitchenette

    Cooking on the go! A portable fold away kitchenette with hob and clacking dial, and a pretty clock with moving hands helps teach how to tell the time. Included are 2 wooden utensils, a potholder, a pan to flip a pancake, strawberry and lemon slices, a mint leaf as well as a honey and a chocolate pot. Wash it all up in the waterproof sink, with wooden tap and pack it all away!

  • Birdie Tea Set Birdie Tea Set

    Tender Leaf Birdie Tea Set

    A romantic wooden tea set featuring a pretty bird motif on the saucers and the side of a solid wood teapot. A pretty cupcake and tea bag, 2 cups and saucers and 2 teaspoons, as well as a milk jug. All presented on a round tray.

  • Tea Tray Set Tea Tray Set

    Tender Leaf Tea Tray Set

    Anyone one for tea? Enjoy your afternoon tea with this elegantly painted wooden tray set. The set features a tray with handles, 2 cups and saucers & spoon, tea pot with lid, milk jug, 2 yummy biscuits and 2 assorted tea bag. Tea time is the perfect excuse for conversation, story telling and creative play!

  • Tea Time Tray Set Tea Time Tray Set

    Mentari Tea Time Tray Set

    Invite your friends over for tea!This wooden tea set toy includes a dotty tray, a toy teapot, 2 pretend cups saucers and spoons, a pretend sugar pot with lid, a pretend milk jug and 2 wood biscuitsAll pieces are made from sustainable rubber wood and plywood, and finished in a non-toxic paint.

  • Make Me a Pizza! Make Me a Pizza!

    Tender Leaf Make Me a Pizza!

    New to 2023, a fabulous addition to our wooden play kitchen collection. A wonderful wooden pizza oven toy which comes complete with 2 pizza bases, felt tomato base topping, and 6 wooden toppings all with a velcro dot so that they can be stuck to the felt. Also includes a pizza slice, a salt shaker and 5 wooden logs. This pretend play, role play toy encourages children to make up stories and situations where they can pretend to be just like mum and dad, creating their favourite toppings, cooking their pizza, and serving it up for mealtime.  Presented in an illustrated color box.

  • Breakfast Toaster Set Breakfast Toaster Set

    Tender Leaf Breakfast Toaster Set

    Toast your 2 slices of bread, turn the birdie dial to hot, pop them up when they are ready, butter the toast with the wooden knife, and top with a poached egg and 2 slices of avocado. Plate and butter dish are included.

  • Babyccino Maker Babyccino Maker

    Tender Leaf Babyccino Maker

    Who would like a cappuccino? The perfect addition to our Bird's Nest Café, this babyccino maker is styled in soft mellow colors and has a cute bird clacking dial. This set has 5 colored pods, a pod holder, 2 coffee cups decorated with faces, 2 coffee fills, 2 coffee toppers, a milk jug and 2 biscuits.

  • Home Baking Set Home Baking Set

    Tender Leaf Home Baking Set

    A stylish mixer with metal swivel whisk, wooden bowl, and clacking on and off button. Ingredients to weigh out on a modern kitchen scale include a wooden egg which opens to reveal a felt egg, a pack of butter, and a box of flour containing 15 white felt discs. Mix this all up together and bake your cake in a wooden cake tin.

  • Fruity Blender Fruity Blender

    Tender Leaf Fruity Blender

    Pretend to be a real smoothie stall with take-away style beaker, stripy straw, and wooden stirrer… Cut the fruit with the wooden knife and pop it all into the stylish blender with pourer and pretty printed acetate. Blend a strawberry, apple, banana, and orange into a delicious smoothie drink…. Don’t forget the ice cubes!

  • Smoothie Maker Smoothie Maker

    Mentari Smoothie Maker

    This set includes a wooden smoothie blender toy that can be lifted off the base, a clacking button on the base, a cup and straw, a stirring spoon, and 6 fruit pieces: a 2 piece apple, 2 piece watermelon, and 2 piece orange.

  • Barista Set Barista Set

    Mentari Barista Set

    Open your very own coffee shop! This set includes a wooden coffee maker unit with 4 squishy buttons, a coffee pod holder, 3 coffee pods, a wooden take-away cup with removable lid, and a pretend milk jug.All pieces are made from sustainable rubber wood and plywood, and finished in a non-toxic paint.

  • Cake Mixer Cake Mixer

    Mentari Cake Mixer

  • Rise & Shine Toaster Set Rise & Shine Toaster Set

    Mentari Rise & Shine Toaster Set

    This wooden toy toaster includes a two slot toaster with push up mechanism, a dish with a lid of sliceable butter with velcro, a pretend knife, a plate and two slices of toast.All pieces are made from sustainable rubber wood and finished in a non-toxic paint.

  • Dotty Kettle Dotty Kettle

    Mentari Dotty Kettle

    This is a wooden kettle toy with a handle for pouring and a removable lid.All pieces are made from sustainable rubber wood and plywood, and finished in a non-toxic paint.

  • Pots and Pans Pots and Pans

    Tender Leaf Pots and Pans

    Prepare dinner for your friends! A retro-style casserole pot, a frying pan, a baking dish, 2 wooden cooking utensils and a handy pair of tongs. Stir the tomato and the vegetable, fry the egg with the 3 chips and pop it all in the oven dish to keep warm.

  • Casserole Pan Set Casserole Pan Set

    Mentari Casserole Pan Set

    This wooden pots and pans toy includes a pretend casserole pot with a lid, a frying pan, and two toy utensils; a wooden spoon and a wooden slice.All pieces are made from sustainable rubber wood and finished in a non-toxic paint.

  • Ice Cream Kiosk Ice Cream Kiosk

    Mentari Ice Cream Kiosk

    A mini shop with three wooden toy cornets and three ice cream scoops, to mix and match in a pretend play shopping game. Create your perfect ice cream cornet by pressing the red button and letting the scoop drop magically down on to the cornet!

  • Play Kitchen Play Kitchen

    Mentari Play Kitchen

    Children can use their imaginations through role play at their very own pretty kitchen station with window and curtains by cooking dinner for their friends, boiling the kettle, making a cup of coffee, washing up in the sink, using the microwave to heat up food, baking a cake in the oven and putting their play food away in the fridge. Check out the ice dispenser in the front door of the fridge. Set includes 2 cups, a wooden spoon and a dotty kettle.


  • Toy Microwave Toy Microwave

    Mentari Toy Microwave

    A wooden toy pretend microwave to heat up your dinner and hot chocolate! This set includes a cup with removable whipped cream, a plate and a Tupperware-style wooden box and lid that contains a sausage, baked beans and broccoli. Microwave oven has an opening door, and a clacking knob and two push buttons. A nice way of teaching children about not wasting food, and inspiring new skills in the kitchen.


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