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Rag Dolls

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  • Baby Lilli Doll Baby Lilli Doll

    ThreadBear Design Baby Lilli Doll

    Lilli doll is a wonderful weighted baby doll who wears a soft bunny baby grow and a nappy underneath. Complete with a lovely embroidered face and realistic woolen hair, this baby doll is specially designed for pretend play with children! Great for popping into a pram and going on a stroll, or simply just as a friend at a pretend tea party.

  • Baby Lola Doll Baby Lola Doll

    ThreadBear Design Baby Lola Doll

    A weighted baby doll made from soft jersey, wearing a linen style baby grow. Remove the outfit to find a soft white removable nappy! Complete with a lovely embroidered face and realistic woolen hair, this baby doll is perfect for pretend play.

  • Liselie Soft Doll Liselie Soft Doll

    ThreadBear Design Liselie Soft Doll

    A special doll with a shaped face to create realistic and charming features. The Liselie doll comes with a linen embroidered dress, a hand knitted cardigan, a knitted bonnet and some felted boots. Presented in an illustrated gift box to make this the perfect present for a special child.

  • Mia Rag Doll Mia Rag Doll

    ThreadBear Design Mia Rag Doll

    This is Mia, an adorable little rag doll with a pretty pink floral tiered dress. Her luxurious dark hair is tied back with two velvet ribbons and her twinkly eyes, nose and mouth are all embroidered!

  • Esme Rag Doll Esme Rag Doll

    ThreadBear Design Esme Rag Doll

    This is pretty Esme! This super cute little lass has a love for all things rainbow, and a fabulous eye for style! This little lady is super cool, chic, and has a lot of fun. You can usually find her in craft corner with coloring pencils in hand, or in the playground making her friends giggle! This dolly is made from beautiful fabrics to make her perfectly soft and sturdy at the same time. Her white dress has pom poms and some rainbow straps making her very on trend. Her dress is removable and she even wears little pants! Likes: Funny jokes, painting & drawing, rainbows, play time with friendsDislikes: Spiders

  • Marty Rag Doll Marty Rag Doll

    ThreadBear Design Marty Rag Doll

    Introducing you to Marty, our beautiful soft rag doll! Made from carefully chosen fabrics, this doll is high quality and hand finished with love. She wears a knitted cardigan and a floral dress, all of which are removable.

  • Amelie Rag Doll Amelie Rag Doll

    ThreadBear Design Amelie Rag Doll

    Meet Amelie! A super sassy and charismatic little doll with fabulous blonde hair who loves all things pink and fluffy! Made with the most gorgeous fabrics, this doll is very soft and robust, as well as beautiful to look at. Amelie wears a cross over cardigan in pink, and a netting tutu skirt with moveable pom poms encased between the layers. All clothes are removable and she also wears little pants.  Likes: Time at the playground, feeding the ducks, dance class, giggling with friends.Dislikes: broccoli, homework.

  • Alma Rag Doll Alma Rag Doll

    ThreadBear Design Alma Rag Doll

    This is Alma, She loves plaiting her gorgeous long hair. Inspired by all things adventure, this little dolly will have you chasing her up trees, around the garden and all through the house! This pretty dolly is made from hand picked fabrics to make her the most unique she can be, she is high quality, robust and individual, just like her friends. She wears a little grey dress with floral embroidery and a petticoat, all of which are removable. She even wears little pants.Likes: climbing trees, playing tennis with friends, stripy tights, crafting.Dislikes: Math

  • Pepe Rag Doll Pepe Rag Doll

    ThreadBear Design Pepe Rag Doll

    A smart little boy rag doll wearing an embroidered puppy jumper and comes complete with realistic woolen hair. Made from soft fabrics that bring a unique charm to this doll. Pepe is presented in an illustrated gift box making this a great gift for children.

  • Pippa Rag Doll Pippa Rag Doll

    ThreadBear Design Pippa Rag Doll

    A pretty little rag doll wearing quirky dungarees with an embroidered rabbit, embroidered features and complete with realistic woolen hair. Made from pretty fabrics that bring a unique charm to this dolly, Pippa doll is presented in an illustrated gift box making this a great gift for children.

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